• The RE-Boot FPN provides family physicians with structure and supports to address physician and practice issues in our local area.  Through Rural Eastern area physician consultations, the FPN has identified several priorities to start with, including:
  • In collaboration with the RHA, identify effective communication & collaborative mechanisms to engage priority consultant services.
  • Implement solutions to discuss, define physician and consultant practice & referral needs, and streamline referral processes where possible.
  • In addition, identify solutions for more effective shared care with priority allied health resources.
  • In partnership with the RHA, prioritize patient access & service needs through FPN member surveys, focus groups.
  • Identify and develop other opportunities to improve family physician relationships across practices, e.g. physician wellness activities, practice management activities in partnership with FPRP.
  • Develop activities to identify/leverage common regional and local practice management needs and increase knowledge exchange through FPN developed solutions, or leveraging FPRP, other FPN solutions that match local needs.
  • Develop supportive structures for new graduates (e.g. orientation information, processes for acute care facilities, services and contracts), and expanding where applicable Resident site training experiences across rural eastern region, or local communities based on identified FPN needs.
  • Development of solutions to reduce and identify efficiencies for administrative responsibilities in practice, e.g. leveraging other practice management support programs, e.g. FPRP, or other FPNs, and incorporating FPN specific needs & solutions with FPN physician offerings.

For RE-Boot – Please contact Deborah Wearn, RE-Boot FPN Executive Director, via email at dwearn@rebootfpn.com or by calling/texting (709) 728-5742. Alternatively, please contact any of the RE-Boot FPN Board Members.