Memorandum of Agreement

The agreement is appended as Schedule R of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and is available in its entirety here. The latest version is dated October 11, 2023.

Recent Amendments to Schedule “R” of the MOA

Start Date

To ensure full program readiness, the parties to the new Blended Capitation Model (BCM) have agreed to move the start date for accepting family physicians into the model from September 1, 2023 to October 30, 2023.

Exemption from After Hours Expectations during Transition Period

The provincial government has agreed to the NLMA’s request to amend Schedule “R” of the MOA to enable certain groups to apply for an exemption from the After-Hours obligations of the Blended Capitation Model during the transition period.

For the first two years of the program, groups that already provide regular, ongoing provision of services to the NL Health Services, such as hospitalist services, primary care services for unattached patients, hospital emergency room coverage, anesthesia services, obstetric services, and long-term care services, will be permitted to redistribute their after-hours service obligations to the Group’s nurse practitioner (NP) or, if the Group has not hired an NP, to seek an exemption from the Blended Capitation after-hours requirement. Groups may apply to the FPRP to determine if members of the group qualify for exemption. For a physician to qualify, they must be providing at least two hours of the types of services described above to NLHS for every one hour of after-hours BCM service exempted or redistributed. Groups that do not provide any of the types of services outlined above do not qualify for the exemption/redistribution.

This exemption will be in effect until August 31, 2025.


Capitation Rate

The base Capitation Rate has been changed to $186.29 per patient per fiscal year. The Capitation Rate will be adjusted for each Attached patient according to the table appended to this Schedule (Appendix A).

Appendix A amended to reflect the updated base Capitation Rate:

(1) Age/gender complexity modifiers to be multiplied by $186.29 when calculating

payment for enrolled patients.

Fee Code

Appendix B amended to add the following fee code to the ‘Office’ section:

“147 Driver medical examination of a patient who is 75 years of age or older, as required by Motor Registration for age.”