The Family Practice Renewal Program aims to transform family practice for better health.

The program is part of an Agreement between the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association and the Department of Health and Community Services. This agreement recognizes that improved population health and health system sustainability will require a renewed focus on primary health care reform, and on family practice reform, in particular, and that, family physicians have an important role to play in the improvement and full integration of primary care and primary health care services and supports.

Our Mission – Transforming family practice for better health.

Our Vision – Family physicians, primary health care providers, and patients working together for an effective and sustainable system.

Our Principles

  • Patient-centered services and supports
  • Collaborative interdisciplinary teams
  • Coordination of care
  • Comprehensiveness of care
  • Access to appropriate services and supports
  • Attachment and longitudinal relationships
  • Communities of practice
  • Community engagement and a local focus
  • Continuous evaluation and evidence-based decision making

There are three core initiatives:

  • Family Practice Networks (FPNs) are non-profit corporations, comprised of and led by family physicians.  Family Practice Networks (FPNs) provide mechanisms to address local physician and practice issues and ultimately aid in physician recruitment and retention. FPNs also enable community-based family physicians, in collaboration with their Regional Health Authorities, to identify and address common health care goals/gaps in local communities, and in so doing, improve delivery of primary health care services.
  • The Practice Improvement Program supports evidence-based change management in a variety of target areas that support the transformation of family practice for better health. Key PIP programs include MyQ and MyPractice.
  • The Fee Code Program. Enhancements to the fee for-service schedule, through a Fee Code Initiative program, are intended to achieve patient, physician, and health system benefits such as comprehensive care, collaboration with other providers, and improvements in patient access. There are now 250+ family physicians registered to access FPRP codes for shared care, telephone, and enhanced care of patients with COPD.

The program is voluntary.

Physicians have the opportunity to participate within individual program areas of their choosing. Participation enables physicians to address some of their family practice challenges, including:

  • Fee codes to better manage increasing needs of chronic disease patients;
  • Support to collaborate and communicate with other providers and patients;
  • Formal organized physician lead groups to address common practice needs across geographic areas; and
  • Dedicated practice supports, including resources to support you with practice management and clinical needs.

Who We Are

Family Practice Renewal Committee

The Family Practice Renewal Program is governed by the Family Practice Renewal Committee, consisting of representatives from the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association, the Department of Health and Community Services, the four Regional Health Authorities, the NL College of Family Physicians, Memorial University Faculty of Medicine and the NL Centre for Health Information. The Committee oversees all aspects of the program, providing strategic direction and setting program priorities and goals.


  • Dr. Lynette Powell (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Stephen Major                                          
  • Dr. Nicola Penney  

Department of Health and Community Services

  • Gillian Sweeney, ADM, Population Health and Wellness (Co-Chair)
  • Monica Bull, Sr. Manager, Primary Health Care
  • David Moore, Director, Medical Services (Acting)

Regional Health Authorities

  • Judy O’Keefe, VP, Clinical Services, Eastern Health
  • Dr. Gena Bugden, VP, Medical Services, Rural Sites and Primary Health Care, Eastern Health
  • Dr. Dennis Rashleigh, VP, Medical Services, Western Health
  • Dr. David Carroll, Acting VP, Medical Services, Central Health
  • Labrador Grenfell Health (previously Dr. Gabe Woollam, new rep to be appointed)

Other Partner Organizations

  • Dr. Nicole Stockley, Director, External Engagement, NL College of Family Physicians
  • Dr. Danielle O’Keefe, Chair, Discipline of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University
  • Dr. Fred Melindy, Program Director, eDOCSNL, NLCHI

Staff – NLMA

  • Robert Thompson, Executive Director, NLMA
  • Lynn Barter, Associate Executive Director, NLMA

Staff – FPRP

  • Glenda Nash, Program Director
  • Francine Synyard, Administrative Assistant
FPN Executive Directors

Program Staff/Contacts

Glenda Nash

B. Comm., MA, CMC
Program Director

Glenda is responsible for providing leadership and direction in the development, implementation and evaluation of all programs, projects, and initiatives of the Family Practice Renewal Program.

Contact Glenda Nash
tel. (709) 702-3701
tf. (800) 563-2003

Ian Hodder

B. Sc. (Health Education, B. Ed., Masters, Adult Learning)
Senior Program Consultant, Family Practice Networks

Ian is the Senior Program Consultant,  responsible for the design, development, and operations support for Family Practice Networks and Collaborative Services Committees, as well as evaluation of all related programs & activities. As well, he is responsible for leadership and stakeholder engagement with physician groups.

Contact Ian Hodder
tel. (709) 702-3706
tf. (800) 563-2003

Paula Hanrahan

RN, BN, Masters, Nursing
Senior Program Consultant, Practice Improvement Program

Paula Hanrahan is a Senior Program Consultant, responsible for planning, developing, implementing and evaluating Practice Improvement Program activities. Paula takes a lead role in designing and developing evidence-based education and training and practice improvement supports across the three program streams.

Contact Paula Hanrahan
tel. (709) 702-3707
tf. (800) 563-2003

Emily Hynes

Program Coordinator (FPN)

Emily is the Family Practice Network Program Coordinator responsible for coordinating and providing operational support to common initiatives and projects across each Family Practice Network (FPN) and Collaborative Services Committee (CSC). She is responsible for conducting FPN and CSC project research , logistical support, as well as FPN policy and governance training development.

Contact Emily Hynes
tel. (709) 702-6718
tf. (800) 563-2003

Melissa Sullivan

Program Manager, Blended Capitation 

FPRP is pleased to welcome Melissa Sullivan to our team in her new role as Program Manager for the Blended Capitation Model (BCM). Reporting to the FPRP Program Director, Melissa will take a lead role on all aspects of BCM program development and delivery. She looks forward to working with the family physician community, our partners and stakeholders in making this model a reality in Newfoundland and Labrador.   

Melissa holds a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science, and has significant experience in strategic planning, health policy, stakeholder engagement and project management, as well as advanced training in research and evaluation. She comes to this role with extensive experience working at the provincial, national and international levels with a diverse group of stakeholders – including governments, regional health authorities, the Canadian Medical Association, patients, pharmaceutical manufacturers and the medical community. She has also held positions with the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Department of Health and Community Services, the NL Centre for Applied Health Research, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.   

Contact Melissa Sullivan
tel. (709) 701-1404
tf. (800) 563-2003

Marylou Walsh

B. Comm., MER, PSIC
Program Coordinator, PIP

Marylou is the Program Coordinator with the Practice Improvement Program responsible for coordinating and providing support for all Practice Improvement Program (PIP) initiatives, including providing logistical support for PIP events and acting as liaison with Family Practice Networks relating to PIP offerings. She is also responsible for conducting research, analysis, and data support for the PIP, as well as supporting other FPRP initiatives and program areas as required.

Contact Marylou Walsh
tel. (709) 702-3872
tf. (800) 563-2003

Francine Synyard

Administrative Assistant

Francine leads all program office administrative tasks, providing support to program staff, from program documentation & development, communication updates, coordinating with Newfoundland & Labrador Medical Association, Government, Regional Health Authorities, other Stakeholders for needed information, and coordinating meetings for the Family Practice Renewal Committee, related sub-committees, and Collaborative Service Committees.

Contact Francine Synyard
tel. (709) 702-6695
tf. (800) 563-2003


An FPRP Physician Survey was completed in early 2021 and was conducted by FPRP in collaboration with the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information. The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback from family physicians within our province to help shape and improve FPRP and its associated programs, as well as to inform planning processes. You can access survey results by clicking here

Video Series

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