About RE-Boot

(Rural Eastern NL)

About RE-Boot FPN

A Family Practice Network, or FPN, provides a mechanism through which a physician group can address common practice and patient needs, have a collective voice on issues facing family practice, and address local population health needs, in coordination with the Regional Health Authority (RHA). The FPN structure is a physician-led, non-profit organization.

The RE-Boot FPN was incorporated on October 23, 2019 and chose a name that represents the expansive geographic area it represents: “RE” representing the “Rural Eastern” portion of the province, “Boot” representing the Burin Peninsula, and “RE-Boot” to signify the beginning of improvements and change in family physician practice.



A community of rural family physicians in Eastern NL, working together to improve the lives of our physician members and enhance quality of care for our patients.


Working collaboratively to achieve excellence in rural primary care, for healthy, fulfilled communities of patients, physicians, and health care teams.


Our Guiding Value Statements

  • We believe in the value of continuous quality improvement.
  • We support adaptive problem solving to address issues unique to rural communities.
  • We foster trust and respect in relationships with patients, members, and all stakeholders.
  • We are member driven; we respect all members and seek to bring out the best in each other.
  • We believe in teamwork, collaboration, and meaningful engagement.
  • We encourage learning, knowledge sharing, evaluation, and quality improvement.
  • We govern with integrity, accountability, and transparency.
Physician Health
  • We believe that physician health and well-being are necessary foundations for the provision of quality health care.


  • Engagement
    • Improved engagement with RHA, consultants, and allied health team services to achieve better patient outcomes.
  • Community Collaboration
    • Collaboration with community partners to improve patient care and physician satisfaction.
  • Recruitment & Retention
    • Innovative solutions for improved family physician recruitment and retention.


Board of Directors

June 2023 – May 2024

  • Dr. Annabeth Loveys, Chair
  • Dr. Erin FitzPatrick, Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Paula Slaney , Treasurer
  • Dr. Mitchel Kehoe
  • Dr. Daniel Rees
  • Dr. Michelle Kennedy
  • Dr. Colette Dawson
  • Dr. Robbie McCarthy


  • Dr. Kelly Mitchelmore, Resident