• The Endeavor FPN provides the family physicians with structure and supports to address physician and practice issues in our local area. Through St. John’s and area physician consultations, the FPN has identified several priorities to start with, including:
  • Local proactive FPN recruitment & retention activities; locum sharing services, sharing of expertise;
  • Development of other offerings to improve family physician relationships;
  • Delivery of local wellness programs for physicians and their practices;
  • Providing continuing professional programs;
  • Implementing family physician-centric communication and collaboration mechanisms to address common priorities with Eastern Health;
  • Identification, development of practice support resources to facilitate increased physician and patient awareness and access to Eastern Health community programs & services; and,
  • Work with the RHA to identify priority Consultant Service areas to focus on for improvement of Shared Care opportunities and patient access.

For Endeavor – Please contact Adam Wylie, Endeavor FPN Executive Director, via email at adam@endeavorfpn.com or by calling/texting (709) 764-7546. Alternatively, please contact any of the Endeavor FPN Board Members.