About Long Range

(Western NL)

About Long Range FPN

A Family Practice Network, or FPN, provides a mechanism through which a physician group can address common practice and patient needs, have a collective voice on issues facing family practice, and address local population health needs, in coordination with the Regional Health Authority (RHA). The FPN structure is a physician-led, non-profit organization.

The Long Range FPN was formed in mid-2018 and represents participating family physicians in Western Newfoundland. The name represents our vision for the FPN, referring to the Long Range Mountains and symbolizing a long-term vision for family practice renewal.


Western NL family physicians, committed to innovation and collaboration, in providing excellent quality care and in enhancing professional satisfaction of our members.


Western NL family physicians, patients, and other primary health care providers, working together for an effective and sustainable system.


Our Guiding Value Statements

  • We respect and value the separate and shared knowledge of all providers, as we work together to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.
  • We respect all members and will work to create meaningful connections within our local family physician community.
  • We value long-term relationships with patients and their families and will work together to provide comprehensive patient-centered care.
  • We will collaborate with our RHA to improve patient access to coordinated health care services and supports.
  • We will make a difference in every community we represent.
  • We value innovation and challenging the status quo.
  • We govern with transparency, dignity, and respect.
  • We strive for equitable representation and a clear and fair distribution of duties in the leadership and governance of the FPN.
  • We are stewards in the responsible management of FPN and health care resources.
  • We will work with our RHA and community partners to support local solutions in improving the health of our residents.
  • We value practical and realistic approaches.


  • Access
    • Improving access to health care services and supports, while advocating in relation to unique patient barriers.
  • Networking
    • Building relationships with and supporting our physician members in the evolving environment of primary care, aiming to optimize practice management, physician wellness, and professional satisfaction.
  • Engagement
    • To support improved engagement with the Regional Health Authority and specialized services to support local community-based solutions in improving the health of our residents.


Board Of Directors

December 2023 – November 2024

  • Dr. Paula Cooper, Chair
  • Dr. Nicola Penney, Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Amy Pieroway, Treasurer
  • Dr. Dave Blecher
  • Dr. Tyler Brown
  • Dr. Shanda Slipp
  • Dr. Mark Smallwood
  • Dr. Chris Whitten
  • Dr. Melanie Young


  • Dr. Elhamy Samak
  • Dr. Stephanie Malone, Resident