Practice Improvement

The Practice Improvement Program

The Practice Improvement Program supports evidence-based change management in a variety of target areas that align with the program’s mission of transforming family practice for better health.

The Practice Improvement Program has three streams:

1. Clinical Knowledge and Skills
Aimed at enhancing family physician knowledge and competency in clinical topic areas. This stream includes what we typically refer to as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). FPRP partners with physicians and other clinicians for design and delivery. Examples of programs, either already offered or currently under development, include Frailty 1, 2 and 3 (focused on care of the older adult), Suboxone Treatment of Addiction Advanced Training Program, Comprehensive Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) for the Family Physician, Chronic Pain, and a group learning program focused on Palliative Care.

2. Fee Code Integration and Support
This stream includes education modules and practice supports aimed at integration of new fee codes into practice.

3. Practice Management, Enhanced Access, and Quality Improvement

MyQ provides family physicians with support and programming to improve processes in their clinics. This will lead to better quality of care for patients and better patient and team experience. The program is unique and built-to-fit each family physician and their specific clinics. There are CPD credits available based on participation, physician reflections and/or practice changes. Additionally, there will be support from national experts, local physician champions, and MyQ practice facilitators to help guide physicians and their staff

MyQ’s goals are:
• Improving clinic processes
• Optimizing patient care
• Increasing physician engagement and satisfaction

Physicians can engage in their own practice improvement journey and participate in shared learning and collaboration within their practice, with peers and Practice Facilitators. The MyQ program has four program elements. Each program varies in its intensity and level of support, all coming with the option of CPD credits. Our programs include:

Navigating Care Coordination
Self-Directed Online Resources
Facilitated Virtual Mini-Programs
Group Expedition Series
MyQ Physician Network

The Good News stories!

Please visit the MyQ site to learn more.

FPRP has partnered with Memorial University’s Office of Educational and Professional Development (OPED) for the development and implementation of a robust educational and support program for family physicians starting a new practice in the province, moving from one practice to another within the province, or transitioning from active practice to retirement. Please visit the MyPractice site to learn more.


The Family Practice Renewal Program has a calendar of CPD events throughout the year. 

Please click here to view the calendar for a list of the events that are being offered.

Please email Paula Hanrahan at for assistance.

When a program is offered, an invitation is sent to all Family Physicians. The invitation will have a link to sign up for the program. Click on the link and follow the instructions. For current offerings, the link to registration is also available in the program section on this website. For additional assistance please email Paula Hanrahan at

Please email Paula Hanrahan at

When a program is offered, an invitation is sent to all Family Physicians. The invitation will identify whether the program is Mainpro+ certified and the number of credits you can claim. For current offerings, this information is also available in the program section on this website.

Serving on a planning committee or presenting at a CPD activity is eligible for non-certified Self-Learning credits. These are not certified activities. Members could earn certified credits by completing a Linking Learning to Administration exercise or Linking Learning to Teaching exercise. Please check with the College Family Physicians Canada for more information.

PIP offers programs virtual and live. When a program is offered the format is identified in the invitation.

Please email Paula Hanrahan at for assistance. 

Yes, a salaried physician, can participate in program offerings. Communication about the registration of the event is sent to all Family Physicians prior to the event. Once you receive the information, click on the registration link on the invitation and follow the on-screen instructions to register. Please contact Paula Hanrahan if you need assistance. 

PIP offerings are aimed at enhancing family physicians’ knowledge and competency in clinical topic areas. Programs such as MyQ offer support to assist family physicians to improve clinic processes, optimize patient care, and increase physician engagement and satisfaction. MyPractice is a robust educational and support program that provides you with information on how to start a new practice, move from one practice to another, or transition from practice to retirement. For information on each of the PIP programs please see each program section.

PIP CPD offerings do not have registration fees and are open to all Family Physicians in Newfoundland and Labrador. If you are not a family physician please contact Paula Hanrahan at for assistance.

For online webinar offerings, after you register and if technical support is offered, you will receive information as to who to contact for technical support. Most webinar offerings require the ability for participants to connect via the Internet or telephone.

Surveying participants after an offering is a critical component of the program. All programs are regularly monitored, reviewed, and evaluated to help guide what is offered under the Family Practice Renewal Program and the PIP.

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