Maintaining the Health of Newly Arrived Refugees to Canada

July 28, 2023
8:00 am - 9:00 am
1 hour

Dr. Meb Rashid is a leader and advocate in the field of refugee health in Canada. He is the founder and medical director of the Crossroads Clinic at Women’s College Hospital (WCH), a clinic that serves newly arrived refugees in Toronto. He has been awarded the coveted CMA Award for Political Advocacy for his exceptional contributions in helping to transform the Canadian health care system for refugees. He has worked on the development of evidence-based guidelines for the assessment of newly arrived immigrants and refugees and he is a co-founder of the Christie Refugee Health Clinic, Toronto, a health clinic located in a refugee shelter.

For more information about Dr. Rashid, please follow this link:

This offering will be a hybrid in-person and virtual offering

Learning Objectives:

  • Explanation of types of refugees (GARs vs PSRs) and claimants and their historical arrival and expected arrival numbers in NL and western NL
  • Address the complexity of the problems that have existed with refugee care in Canada
  • Overview of medical coverage (IFHP) scope and limitations regarding medications, allied health, medical aids and fees for appointments and investigations
  • Understand and discuss new solutions to problems that family doctors face because of the inadequacy of resources
  • Resources for newcomer medical screening and treatment
  • Overview of community and appointment coordination support - Who to contact for help.

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In-Person at Western Memorial Regional Hospital AV Theatre (Corner Brook) or Virtual

In-Person at Western Memorial Regional Hospital AV Theatre (Corner Brook) or Virtual
1 Brookfield Avenue
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador A2H 6J7