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What is a Family Practice Network?

A Family Practice Network, or FPN, provides a mechanism through which a physician group can address common practice and patient needs, have a collective voice on issues facing family practice, and address local population health needs, in coordination with the Regional Health Authority (RHA). The FPN structure is a physician-led, non-profit organization.

What is the Shalloway Family Practice Network?

The Shalloway FPN was formed early in 2018 and represents participating family physicians in Central Newfoundland. The name represents our vision for the FPN. A shalloway is a type of vessel, used originally by the French and then by the English; it is the “larger boat that helps the smaller ones ferry their catch to shore.” The reference is symbolic to the FPN, in that it provides individual family physicians, with one united voice in the pursuit of improved patient care.

Why should I join the Shalloway FPN? What will it do for me?

The Shalloway FPN will provide the family physicians with a structure and supports to address physician and practice issues in our local area. Through Central area physician consultations, the FPN has identified several priorities to start with, including:

  • Local proactive FPN recruitment & retention activities;
  • Delivery of local wellness programs for physicians and their practices;
  • Providing continuing professional programs for care of the elderly;
  • Working with Central Health to improve care of older adults, ensuring physicians are more effectively integrated into their care and improving the long‐term care patient referral and management processes;
  • Developing, adapting, and ensuring family physicians can avail of practice and patient supports through local youth mental health programming;
  • Implementing family physician‐centric communication and collaboration mechanisms to address common priorities with the RHA; and,
  • Leveraging family physician experience with practice management and sharing of clinical expertise between physicians.

Who can be members of the FPN?

  • Membership in FPNs is categorized into voting and non‐voting.
  • Voting members will be practicing family physicians/general practitioners (GPs) who deliver the majority of their services in the geographic area (this includes locums) and who are licensed and in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador (CPSNL).
  • Non‐voting members can be Medical Residents holding a full or educational license with the CPSNL, or a retired GP.

Can salaried family physicians participate in the FPN?

Yes, salaried family physicians can participate within the FPN, and we encourage participation to facilitate increased collaboration with your physician colleagues and other providers on common needs.

This sounds like a lot of work. How will we do all of this?

An FPN Executive Director has been hired who is dedicated to FPN Board operations, management, and implementation of all FPN priorities.

How will patients benefit from all this?

The Shalloway FPN will work with Central Health to address common health care goals and gaps in our local communities, contributing to improved population health outcomes. It will also provide practice and clinical support to family physicians, which will lead to improved access for patients.

How do I become a member?

Complete the Shalloway FPN Membership Application Form

Who sits on the Shalloway FPN Board of Directors?

  1. Dr. Jared Butler, Grand Falls‐Windsor (Chair)
  2. Dr. Dawn Turner, Grand Falls-Windsor (Vice-Chair)
  3. Dr. Desmond Whalen, Grand Falls-Windsor (Treasurer)
  4. Dr. Carmel Casey, Gander
  5. Dr. Hany Henien, Gander
  6. Dr. Tony Gabriel, Gander
  7. Dr. Gerges Ambarak, Grand Falls-Windsor
  8. Dr. Ahmad Ibrahi, Gander

How is the FPN funded?

Funding is provided through an annual operational budget allocation for administrative expenses such as the hiring of an Executive Director to run the FPN, and for administrative and governance services provided by the physicians who take on a leadership role. Funding is based on membership numbers.