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Why should I join the Endeavor FPN? What will it do for me?

November 29, 2018

The Endeavor FPN will provide the family physicians with a structure and supports to address physician and practice issues in our local area. Through St. John’s and area physician consultations, the FPN has identified several priorities to start with, including:

  • Local proactive FPN recruitment & retention activities; locum sharing services, sharing of expertise;
  • Development of other offerings to improve family physician relationships;
  • Delivery of local wellness programs for physicians and their practices; Providing continuing professional programs
  • Implementing family physician-centric communication and collaboration mechanisms to address common priorities with Eastern Health; 
  • Identification, development of practice support resources to facilitate increased physician and patient awareness and access to Eastern Health community programs & services; and,
  • Work with the RHA to identify priority Consultant Service areas to focus on for improvement of Shared Care opportunities and patient access.