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I need better work/life balance…some way to relieve some of the patient load or the unpaid administrative work. What’s there to help me with that?

February 21, 2018

Better work/life balance for family physicians is one of the core goals of the Family Practice Renewal Program.  Some of the strategies to achieve that include:

  • Fee codes to compensate physicians for activities that support improved patient care, and which are not currently paid for by MCP.
  • Practice education and supports to help physicians better manage administrative workloads and to achieve more efficiencies in your practices.
  • Structures, such as FPNs, to help physicians address common practice needs and improve physician workload through things like shared resources to meet local patient population needs; leveraging family physician colleague expertise; working together to purchase supplies for a group of clinics; coordinating locums for a grouping of physicians; and improved recruitment and retention.