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Why should I join an FPN? What will it do for me?

February 19, 2018
  • An FPN will provide you with a supported mechanism to address physician and practice issues in your local area and ultimately aid in recruitment and retention.
  • Benefits could include facilitating use of shared resources to meet local patient population needs (e.g. frail elderly, adolescent mental health, group appointments); leveraging family physician colleague expertise; improved communication and coordination with Regional Health Authorities (RHAs); accessing and linking to interdisciplinary teams; working together to purchase supplies for a group of clinics; coordinating locums for a grouping of physicians; coordinating common education needs; working to streamline communication processes with other aspects of the health system; and taking part in structured rotations to increase patient access in your local area, etc.
  • What you focus on will depend on the needs and interests of the local physicians in your FPN.