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Examples From Other Networks

The following are examples of network-based program successes from other provinces

Community Health Issues

To optimize patient care and to ensure that patients are adequately supported, family doctors have a voice in the planning and implementation of health services through formal coordination mechanisms with their Health Regions.

After Hours Access

Structured after-hours rotation within the Family Practice Network, whereby each physician sees the patients of any physician within the group.

Mental Health

Brings together professionals – including family doctors, psychiatrists, pediatricians, mental health counselors, social workers, school counselors – to work together with families to improve services for children and youth with mental health and substance use issues.

Discharge Planning

Aims to improve continuity of care as patients are admitted into the hospital and then discharged back into the community, by focusing on the communication stream from community General Practitioner to acute care and back to community General Practitioner upon patient discharge.

Physician Recruitment and Locum Engagement

Organized approach by Family Practice Networks to physician recruitment and locum engagement.

Primary Care Seniors Clinic

Aims to improve patient care by assisting General Practitioners and nurse practitioners with the assessment, diagnosis, and management of patients who have dementia concerns or multiple chronic conditions and complex health issues.


Group of family physicians who accept referrals for all women who need prenatal care in a geographic area. Once accepted, each patient will be matched to one of the doctors for prenatal and post-partum care. The doctors take turns on call to deliver the babies, meaning that a woman may expect any one of the physicians will be in attendance for her birth.

Frail Elderly

A nurse practitioner who visits frail, homebound patients in their homes, and works in partnership with family physicians who retain their Most Responsible Physician status, or to take on Most Responsible Physician status. In all cases there is a clearly identified General Practitioner the nurse practitioner can call if needed.

In-Hospital Care

Structured rotation to provide care for admitted patients who don’t have a family physician, who are unassigned inpatients, or whose physician does not have hospital privileges.