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Dr. Wendy Graham, Family Physician, Port aux Basques


The Family Practice Renewal Program aims to transform family practice for better health.

The program is part of a recent Agreement between the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association and the Department of Health and Community Services. This agreement recognizes that improved population health and health system sustainability will require a renewed focus on primary health care reform, and on family practice reform, in particular, and that, family physicians have an important role to play in the improvement and full integration of primary care and primary health care services and supports.

Our Mission

Transforming family practice for better health.

Our Vision

Family physicians, primary health care providers, and patients working together for an effective and sustainable system.


  • Patient-centered services and supports
  • Collaborative interdisciplinary teams
  • Coordination of care
  • Comprehensiveness of care
  • Access to appropriate services and supports
  • Attachment and longitudinal relationships
  • Communities of practice
  • Community engagement and a local focus
  • Continuous evaluation and evidence-based decision making

There are three core initiatives:

  • Family Practice Networks provide a structure and mechanism through which physician groups have the opportunity to address common practice needs, as well as local population health needs, in collaboration with their regional health authorities;
  • Enhancements to the fee-for-service schedule through a Fee Code Program, designed to achieve patient, physician, and health system benefits such as comprehensive care, collaboration with other providers, and improvements in patient access; and
  • A Practice Improvement Program that provides physician practices with education and support for clinical and workflow issues.

The program is voluntary

Physicians have the opportunity to participate within individual program areas of their choosing. Participation enables physicians to address some of their family practice challenges, including:

    • fee codes to better manage increasing needs of chronic disease patients;
    • support to collaborate and communicate with other providers and patients;
    • formal organized physician lead groups to address common practice needs across geographic areas; and
    • dedicated practice supports, including resources to support you with practice management and clinical needs.