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Subscription offer expired: 18-Month Subscription Opportunity for Health Myself and EMR Virtual Visit

October 2, 2020

Please note: This offer expired on December 31, 2020.

18-Month Subscription Opportunity for Health Myself and EMR Virtual Visit

The mission of the Family Practice Renewal Program (FPRP) is to transform family practice for better health.  In keeping with this mission, and in partnership with TELUS Health, the FPRP offered a time-limited opportunity to subscribe to the Health Myself Patient Portal and TELUS EMR Virtual Visit for free for 18 months, including setup charges. 

This offer expired on December 31, 2020.

What is the Health Myself Patient Portal?
Health Myself is an application fully integrated into the Med Access EMR (though it is not a TELUS product).  The Health Myself Patient Portal allows users to communicate securely with individual patients, allows online appointment bookings, sends automated reminders, and emails broadcast notifications such as COVID-19 updates and clinic information to entire patient groups.  Click the link for more information about the features of Health Myself.

What is TELUS EMR Virtual Visit?
TELS EMR Virtual Visit allows users to easily book virtual appointments, initiate encounters, conduct video visits, access patient information and document visit notes, all in your EMR. TELUS EMR Virtual Visit enables a seamless workflow and minimizes task redundancy. Watch demo.

What happens at the end of the 18-month free subscription period?
If you took advantage of this offer, at the end of the free subscription period, you will have the option of continuing to use the products or opt out. If choosing to keep these products, the associated costs will be transferred to you by FPRP.

  • $51.00 per month – Health Myself Primary Provider Portal License
  • $25.50 per month – TELUS EMR Virtual Visit

Will these offers still be available if the Virtual Care Fee Code is no longer covered by MCP?
FPRP will only pay the costs associated with TELUS EMR Virtual Visit while direct patient care provided by family physicians over patient videoconferencing continues to be an insured service under the MCP Medical Payment Schedule in Newfoundland and Labrador. If this service ceases to be an insured service, FPRP will discontinue payment for TELUS EMR Virtual Visit. 

Does this offer cover any additional options or features associated with these products or offered by TELUS Health?
FPRP will not pay for additional, optional features associated with Health Myself, but you may choose to purchase these from TELUS.

What does this offer have to do with eDOCSNL?
While eDOCSNL can provide assistance with clinical workflow issues in the EMR, questions regarding the specifics of this initiative should be directed to TELUS or the FPRP, as outlined in this notice.  The financials are also arranged by FPRP and do not relate to the eDOCSNL program. Following expiry of the 18-month free subscription period, physicians will be responsible for paying the cost and will be invoiced directly by TELUS. 

Who do I contact for product support?
Physicians will contact TELUS directly for product support @ 1-888-781-5553, ext. 1 or

While eDOCSNL Practice Advisors will always be available to you for clinical workflow support, they are not trained specifically in the use of Health Myself or Virtual Visit, as these are not part of the core product offering.

FPRP will not provide technical support or other assistance for TELUS products.

Family Practice Renewal Program
The Family Practice Renewal Program was pleased to offer this opportunity to family physicians and to the patient community. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Jean Cook, Fund Manager, FPRP