Saegis Shield Webinar Series: Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Saegis Shield Webinar Series: Cybersecurity in Healthcare – What You Need To Know

Learn how to protect yourself and your practice from cyberattacks that impact your ability to access patient health information and deliver quality care.

Saegis Shield is a comprehensive, accredited, online cybersecurity and privacy education program that addresses the unique needs of Canadian health-care teams.

The FPRP will provide a one-year subscription to all FFS family physicians and up to two additional clinic team members. Saegis Shield is most effective if all members of your clinic team are trained. More than two additional clinic team members may also subscribe to Saegis Shield for $36.00 per annum per person. To apply for the free one-year subscription, please click here.

Please identify a primary contact person for the clinic, their contact information and how many staff subscriptions are required. Please note that only one application is required per clinic. Please include all physicians, staff and others in the clinic who have use of your computers, or access to your patient information, at the office or home.

For more information, see below offer details.

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Cybersecurity Now – Jan 2022

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