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Practice Improvement Program

Our Practice Improvement Program supports evidence-based change management in a variety of target areas that align with the program’s mission of transforming family practice for better health.

Our Practice Improvement Program has three streams:

1. Clinical Knowledge and Skills

Aimed at enhancing family physician knowledge and competency in clinical topic areas, this stream includes what we typically refer to as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). FPRP partners with physicians and other clinicians for design and delivery. Examples of programs, either already offered or currently under development, include Frailty 1 and 2 (focused on care of the older adult), Suboxone Treatment of Addiction and a group learning program focused on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


2. Fee Code Integration and Support

This stream includes education modules and practice supports aimed at integration of new fee codes into practice.

3. Quality Improvement: MyQ Program

The MyQ initiative provides support to family physicians and their clinic staff through online learning and physician-to-physician collaboration. MyQ’s goals are:

  • Improving clinic processes
  • Optimizing patient care
  • Increasing physician engagement and satisfaction

Physicians can engage in their own practice improvement journey and participate in shared learning and collaboration within their practice, with peers and Practice Facilitators.  The MyQ program has four program elements. Each program varies in its intensity and level of support, all coming with the option of CPD credits. Our programs include:

Self-Directed Online Resources

  • Facilitated Virtual Mini-Programs
  • Group Expedition Series
  • MyQ Physician Network

Please visit the MyQ site to learn more. 

  • Recent Offerings Include:

    • Frailty 1
      (Topics: Frailty, Dementia, Delirium, Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia)
      • April 6, 2019 (St. John's)
      • September 21, 2019 (Eastport)
      • October 26, 2019 (Corner Brook)


    • Suboxone Treatment of Addiction Advanced Training Program
      • November 30, 2019 (Gander)
      • In-person and online consultation sessions were held to obtain family physician input on the development of an education and support program for Setting up/Transitioning Family Practice. Thank you for providing valuable input into the needs assessment. This program will now move into the development phase, with initial offerings planned for the fall of 2020/winter 2021.
      • Led by a Respirologist and a Family Physician team, PIP hosted a session at the CFPNL September 2019 conference on Navigating the COPD Patient Visit. This same team is now developing a more in-depth session to align with the new COPD code requirements. This 2-hour session will be delivered in-person throughout the province in 2020.
  • Upcoming Practice Improvement Offerings include:

    • Palliative Care Program: A family physician team is starting the development of a Palliative Care Group Learning Program to be delivered in 2020.
    • Frailty 2 (Topics: Deprescribing, Elimination, Falls, Capacity Assessment, and Advance Care Planning). Information on 2020 session dates coming soon!
    • MyQ, a new quality improvement program designed to help family physicians and their clinic staff make small changes that have a significant impact in improving physician, staff, and patient experience. 2020 offerings specific to MyQ include:

        1. Online self-directed learning modules
        2. Mini-Program Series - monthly two-hour sessions for three months introducing quality improvement essentials
        3. Expedition Series - offering in-person and virtual sessions spanning one-year.

    Visit the MyQ section of the FPRP website to learn more.