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Practice Improvement Program

Education, training, and supports will be available through two “streams” of administrative and clinical education and in-practice coaching. The Practice Improvement Program will provide physicians with professional support (e.g., through a practice improvement consultant) who may work with physicians on practice efficiency needs, reducing wait times, building team-based skills, implementing guideline-based care, etc. In addition, practice support will be available to help physicians take advantage of integrating new fee codes into their practice workflow.

  • Professional support (e.g. through practice consultants) to improve practice efficiency, reduce wait times, build team-based skills, implement guideline-based care, etc.
  • Provides innovative supports (advisor) to help ensure fee code adjustments/conditions successfully followed as well as respond to needs identified by Family Practice Networks
  • Two “streams” of education and in-practice coaching.
    • A clinical stream will consist of modules targeted to specific clinical care areas.
    • An administrative stream will focus on optimal clinic work flow and efficiencies for enhanced patient care.
    • During physician consultations, you told us your priority areas for Practice Improvement. These include:  practice management and access improvement, chronic disease management education and support, collaborative team-based care, care of older adults and the frail elderly, mental health, the essentials of starting a practice, and the list goes on.
    • We are working on developing a program that will start addressing some of these areas in 2018.
    • Expect significant activity this year, and stay tuned for details!