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FPRP News (December 2019 issue)

December 19, 2019
Hello and welcome to the FPRP’s last newsletter of 2019! In this issue, learn about recent progress, new and exciting programs, and upcoming initiatives and events.




  New Practice Improvement Program!  

The Family Practice Renewal Program is pleased to announce the official launch of MyQ, a new quality improvement program designed to help family physicians and their clinic staff make small changes that have a significant impact in improving physician, staff, and patient experience. Based on national best practices, MyQ will offer family physicians and their staff a variety of quality improvement opportunities, including: 

  1. Online self-directed learning modules to get started; 

  2. Mini-Program Series – monthly two-hour sessions for three months
      introducing quality improvement essentials; 

  3. Expedition Series – offering in-person and virtual sessions spanning
     one-year. The Expedition offers an exceptional experience to learn
     and collaborate with other NL practices, and apply the improvements
     that matter the most to you and your practice. 

Support from local Practice Facilitators, Physician Champions, and International Quality Improvement Leaders is part of the program offerings.

MyQ is now recruiting physicians who would like to be part of advancing the MyQ program as peer leaders and/or participating in the Expedition Series. An information session with Dr. Brad Bahler and Tobias Gelber, along with program staff, will be held on January 14 from 6:30-7:30 pm. Send a quick message to indicating your interest and please add MyQ to the subject line. If you are unable to make this session, other opportunities will be available.                                                            



  Family Practice Networks  

RE-Boot FPN!
Our newest FPN is now incorporated and has chosen a name that represents the expansive geographic area it represents: “RE” representing the “Rural Eastern” portion of the province, “Boot” representing the Burin Peninsula, and “RE-Boot” to signify the beginning of improvements and change in family physician practice! RE-Boot is off to a fantastic start, with 39 physician members and counting! Congratulations to the newly appointed Board of Directors, with Dr. Jackie Elliott as Board Chair. 


RE-Boot FPN Board (L to R) Dr. Erin FitzPatrick, Dr. Sarah Small (vice-chair), 
Dr. David Kwinter, Dr. Jackie Elliott (chair), Dr. Megan Hayes (vice-chair) and 
Dr. Annabeth Loveys (treasurer). (missing from photo: Drs. Gordon Stockwell 
and Chris Peddle)

To complete an application for membership in the RE-Boot FPN, click here.

The RE-Boot FPN is now recruiting for an Executive Director. If you know of anyone who would be interested in and qualified for this position, please access the ad here.

FPN Priorities – Read More
Each of our FPNs are working hard on priority areas. Click here for a sample of initiatives underway in FPNs across the province.

Collaborative Services Committees
You may recall that Collaborative Services Committees (CSCs) are new structures consisting of FPN and RHA members. The intent of the CSC is to work together to achieve common health care goals and contribute to population health outcomes. Significant CSC development work is occurring in each region of the province. Click here for a list of sample CSC priorities.

NEW! – FPN Innovation Fund
FPRP is pleased to announce the approval of an Innovation Fund for FPNs! With a value of $500,000, this will be used to fund innovative FPN projects that have significant potential for sustained improvements in primary care. Next steps involve development of criteria and an application-based process for FPNs, with rollout of the fund expected in early 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.

FPN Networking Lunch
In September, as part of the College of Family Physicians NL (CFPNL) Family Medicine Conference, FPRP hosted a networking lunch event for FPNs. The event was well-attended and gave members across the province a chance to connect and engage with their FPN Boards. 

2019.09.21 NLCFP Family Medicine Conference - .jpg


FPN Board Members
Click here for a list of all FPN Board members.

Membership Applications
To find out more about each FPN, and/or to complete an application for membership, please visit the respective FPN pages on our website: Long RangeShalloway, and Endeavor. Each FPN also has its own newsletter, in which you will hear specific news relevant to your own organization.



  Fee Code Program  

COPD Code – Update
FPRP recently initiated a test of the new COPD Management Code with a group of 13 family physicians from across the province. The test will progress into January, with the intent to address issues before the full rollout to the broader family physician community. Though it was hoped the code would launch earlier this fall, technical issues experienced by Telus delayed the rollout. Please stay tuned for more information in early 2020. To learn more about the COPD code, please click here

Reminder: Fee Code Progam Registration
We now have 174 physicians registered in the Fee Code Program, with 78% billing the Telephone Code and 58% billing the Shared Care Code. We are seeing an upward trend in both the number of physicians billing and the units billed per physician. 

If you are not already registered, please click here

Please note the combined annual billing value for all three FPRP fee codes (Shared Care, Telephone and COPD) will be $13,250.



  Practice Improvement Program  

Recent and Upcoming Events

The PIP has held several events this fall, partnering, where possible, with FPNs, MUN Faculty of Medicine, and the CFPNL. Recent offerings include:

Frailty 1 Please click below for the follow-up and evaluation results for the three 2019 Frailty 1 events:

A training session on Suboxone Treatment of Addiction was offered in Gander on Saturday, November 30, with 21 attendees. 

In-person and online consultation sessions were held to obtain family physician input on the development of an education and support program for Setting up/Transitioning Family Practice. Thank you for providing valuable input into the needs assessment. This program will now move into the development phase, with initial offerings planned for the fall of 2020. 

Led by Dr. Gokul Vidyasankar (Respirologist) and Dr. Roxanne Cooper (Family Physician), PIP hosted a session at the CFPNL September conference on Navigating the COPD Patient Visit. Drs. Vidyasankar and Cooper are now developing a more in-depth session to align with the new COPD code requirements. This 2-hour session will be delivered in-person throughout the province in 2020. 

Upcoming Practice Improvement Offerings – Stay Tuned!

Upcoming priorities include:

  • Palliative Care Program: A family physician team is starting the development of a Palliative Care Group Learning Program (modelled after the Frailty program), to be delivered in 2020. The family physician team consists of: Drs. Jason McCarthy (Lead), Susan McDonald, Cheryl Hurley, Bruce Doulton, Sarah Clancy, and Kate Lafferty.
  • Frailty 2: Now awaiting Mainpro+ Certification with the CFPC for Continuing Professional Development credits, Frailty 2 will focus on Deprescribing, Elimination, Falls, Capacity Assessment, and Advance Care Planning. More information to come on 2020 offerings.


  Physician Survey Results  
  You may recall the physician survey sent to all practising family physicians via email in February 2019. This survey was designed to capture information on the attitudes and behaviours of physicians in relation to the Family Practice Renewal Program. A summary of survey results was distributed earlier this year – in case you didn’t see, please click for the full results and the survey summary.  


Program Staff
If you have any questions or would like to discuss any element of our program, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff. We are more than happy to answer your questions!
click here for list
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