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FPRP News (August 2018 issue)

August 6, 2018
We hope your summer is going well! Ours has been busy and it’s time to give you an update on what’s been happening with the Family Practice Renewal Program (FPRP). In this issue, you will learn about our three new Family Practice Networks (FPNs), our upcoming Practice Improvement events, and the launch of the Fee Code Program.
  Three Family Practice Networks  

Congratulations to our three new FPNs! We are thrilled at your commitment to a critical step in the evolution of family practice in this province and to the exciting and important work ahead!

Shalloway (Central NL)

On June 27, the Shalloway FPN was launched in Central NL. A shalloway is a large boat that helps smaller fishing vessels ferry their catch to shore. The name is symbolic for the FPN as the Shalloway Family Practice Network intends to bring together individual family physicians from across the region under one, united network.

“All communities in the Central region experience similar challenges with respect to community-based primary care,” Dr. Jared Butler, family physician in Grand Falls-Windsor and Chair of the Shalloway FPN, said in a press release issued by the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association (NLMA).

“We intend to cultivate a culture of collaboration and coordination in order to address such issues as recruitment and retention, care for the elderly, and the mental health needs of our youth. We also intend to enhance the relationship with Central Health by facilitating greater input into policy decisions.”

There are close to 100 family physicians working in 17 communities throughout the Central region. Over the coming months, the Shalloway Family Practice Network will increase its recruitment efforts to bring more fee-for-service and salaried family doctors into the network.

2018.04.26 Shalloway FPN Board Executive Offic.jpg
Shalloway FPN Board Officers
(L to R) 
Dr. Jared Butler (chair), Dr. Raie Lene Kirby (treasurer),
Dr. Wayne Collins (vice-chair)

As well as the officers listed above, the Shalloway FPN Board of Directors includes: Drs. Carmel Casey, Robert Butler, Helen Bruce, and Jody Woolfrey.

News Release
June 27, 2018 Province’s first Family Practice Network launched in Central

Long Range FPN (Western NL)

The Long Range FPN in Western NL is excited to announce its newly-formed Board of Directors.

2018_06_26 Long Range FPN Board with Executive.jpg
Long Range FPN Board
Front Row:
(L to R)  Dr. Shanda Slipp (chair), Dr. Julie Warren,
Dr. Paula Cooper (vice-chair)  Back Row: (L to R) Dr. Tim Griffin,
Dr. Mark Smallwood, Dr. Dave Thomas (treasurer), Dr. Jim Bowen
(Missing from photo: Dr. Wendy Graham)

Covering a broad geographic area with approximately 100 physicians in 15 communities, the Long Range FPN is eager to begin work on priorities identified by its members. With its name referring to the Long Range Mountains and symbolizing a long-term vision for family practice renewal, the Long Range FPN Board is thrilled to include two new graduate physicians among its Board members.

Priorities of the Long Range FPN include:

  • Improving access to health services for in-need populations, including the elderly, patients with mental health issues, and patients with chronic disease;
  • More effective use & integration of eHealth and the increase of information/decision supports to optimize practice and patient management; and
  • Increased engagement with Regional Health Authority (RHA) consultants and core regional services to streamline patient consultation and referral needs.

Endeavour FPN (St. John’s & Area)

The Endeavour FPN consists of physicians in St. John’s and surrounding areas. The word endeavor means to attempt, strive for, and achieve a goal! The Endeavour FPN Board is keen to start reaching out to family physicians in the area and will start a membership drive over the coming weeks.

Initiatives of the Endeavour FPN will include:

  • Development of a Family Practice Community, including a locum sharing service, a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, physician wellness initiatives, and a practice peer-to-peer support program;
  • Development of opportunities to increase collaboration with the RHA, focusing on patient access to community programs; and
  • Working with the RHA to identify priority Consultant Service areas of focus to improve Shared Care opportunities and patient access.

2018.07.24 Endeavour Board of Directors CROPPE.jpg
Endeavour FPN Board
(L to R)  Dr. Annette McCarthy, Dr. Heather Cuddy (chair), 

 Dr. Francisco Acevedo (vice-chair), Dr. Laura Fitzgerald (treasurer), Dr. Sonny Collis,
Dr. Maureen Gibbons, Dr. Paul Jackman (Missing from photo: Dr. Katie Saunders)
Note: Staff are investigating the eligibility of the unidentified member between
Dr. Acevedo and Dr. Fitzgerald!

If you’re interested in talking to us about FPN development, please don’t hesitate to contact Ian Hodder at (709) 726-7424, ext. 324, or



  Update on New Fee Codes Coming in 2018  

In our last issue of FPRP News we told you about new billing codes under development as part of the FPRP’s Fee Code Program. We are happy to report that the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has approved the necessary changes to the Medical Care Insurance Insured Services Regulations under the Medical Care Insurance Act required to make the new codes billable as insured services. Following the testing phase, these new codes will be available to physicians who register with the Fee Code Program. We will send you details on how to register as soon as the codes are activated.

Our first two codes for launch are::

Shared Care Code: Provides participating physicians with compensation for two-way conferencing with other healthcare providers for development of a patient care plan.

If the patient is present, the code is payable at $30 per 15 minutes (i.e. one unit).

If the patient is not present, the code is payable at $30 per 15 minutes or greater part of 15 minutes (e.g. after 8 minutes).

Payable to a maximum of 2 units per patient, per day.

Payable to a maximum of 100 conferences per physician annually.

Patient Care Telephone Code: Provides participating physicians with compensation for two-way telephone communication between the physician (or other health care provider employed within the physician’s office) and the patient (or the patient’s medical representative).

Payable at $10 per 5 minutes (i.e. one unit).

Payable for 2 units per patient, per day.

Payable to a maximum of 225 telephone calls per physician annually.

Not payable for simple prescription renewals, notification of normal test results, or notification of office, referral, or other appointments.

Please visit for more information on Fee Code Program eligibility and details. Registration forms and support materials will be available to physicians as the program readies for launch.

If you’re interested in talking to us further about the Fee Code program, please don’t hesitate to contact Glenda Nash at (709) 726-7424, ext. 321, or



  Practice Improvement – Upcoming Events (Save the Dates!)  
  Please save the dates for the following upcoming events. Further event and registration details will follow, so stay tuned. All events and offerings will be certified for Continuing Professional Development Credits:

Fee Code Use in Clinical Practice

  • Format: Webinar
  • Delivered by: FPRP staff
  • Fall 2018: Dates to be determined

COPD Group Learning Program: Comprehensive Management of COPD for the Family Physician

  • Format: Webinar and Face-to-Face Offerings
  • Delivered by Dr. Gokul Vidyasankar and Dr. Roxanne Cooper
  • First Offering—October 14 at the College of Family Physicians of NL Family Medicine Conference (Gander)
  • Fall 2018: Several offerings with dates to be determined.

Family Physician/Consultant Events

    • Format: Face-to-face “speed meeting” concept based on topics/themes chosen by family physician working groups. Consultants will lead 20-minute sessions at four tables of family physicians, rotating through all tables.
    • First offering: Major centres, followed by other locations throughout the province
    • Note: Limited registration due to format

  • Corner Brook: Paving the Pathway to Partnership
    • October 18
    • Obstetrics – Dr. Blanchard, Urology – Dr. Mahmood, Internal Medicine – Dr. Gould, Dermatology – to be confirmed
  • St. John’s: Bridging Patient Care
    • October 25
    • Rheumatology – Dr. Pittman, Obstetrics – Dr. Holden, Psychiatry – Dr. Slade, Public Health and Preventive Medicine – Dr. Sarbu
  • Grand-Falls Windsor: Lady Northcliffe Lecture Series
    • Date and topics to be determined

Core Geriatric Experiences in Primary Care

  • Format: Two face-to-face sessions of 6 hours each (likely Saturdays)
  • 2-part program:
    • Frailty 1: Dementia, Delirium, Capacity Assessment
    • Frailty 2: Appropriate Prescribing, Elimination, Falls
  • Developed and delivered by a group of physicians from across the province, led by Dr. Roger Butler
  • Roll-out: Early 2019
  • Open to Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

Quality Improvement and Enhanced Access

FPRP is also working on the design of an education and support program to help family physicians and their staff improve practice management and clinic efficiency, enabling enhanced access to, and delivery of, patient care. The ultimate intent is to foster improvements in primary care by helping physicians build practice capacity, improved patient-physician longitudinal attachment, continuity and comprehensiveness of care, improved team-based approaches to care, and improved health prevention and promotion.

This program is now in design phase with rollout expected in early 2019.

For information and suggestions with respect to the Practice Improvement Program, contact Paula Hanrahan at at (709) 726-7424, ext. 323, or



  College of Family Physicians of NL – Family Medicine Conference  
  At this year’s Family Medicine Conference in Gander, the FPRP will hold an extended information session on Saturday, October 13, with an FPN physician panel consisting of Board members from each FPN. As mentioned above, we will also deliver a COPD Program on Sunday, October 14. We hope to see you there! 



  We’re moving!  
  On Thursday, August 9, FPRP will relocate to NLMA House at 164 MacDonald Drive. Please drop in and say “hi” if you’re in the neighbourhood! 


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